Gotham News: Strange, Arkham, and Dent to Appear


Gotham News: Strange, Arkham, and Dent to Appear


DC has a lot planned for the first season of Gotham and intend to do a lot of world building, including introducing Dr. Hugo Strange and Arkham Asylum in it’s first season. IGN sat down with Bruno Heller, the executive producer and show runner for a brief chat and he spoke about Hugo Strange.

“Hugo Strange is going to pop up because we’re going to start dealing with how Arkham was created and…

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By anonymous request, Two face from Batman: the Animated series. If you liked it please please please like/reblog and follow me at Fancy-Face iw would make my  day <3 I do requests! Just ask me!

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"Fate Has Chosen And Cannot Be Denied" by Alec Goss. Buy the print here!

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I found Harvey Dent.

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"Two Face" Batman villains always take the cake for having the most depth and for having the most interesting backstories in general(Spider-Man is a close second!). Harvey Dent is pretty darn cool what with his obsession with coin tosses and personality disorder that only Tyler Durden could be jealous of.

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I used to doodle comics: Two-Face

Harvey debating whether to flip his coin

Another old pic I did for someone’s Batman fan fiction story.

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Harvey “Two Face” Dent. And he looks amazing. One sit in to go.

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Two Face (c) (2014)

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I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that we’re getting a Capullo-designed Two-Face action figure.

On the plus side, I kinda like the facial sculpt. I’m not really a fan of the missing eye, but the scarring looks okay otherwise, and the good side looks better than the average Two-Face toy. I also like his proportions, since he looks to be about average build rather than a muscular giant.

But so much else bugs me at the same time. Like, why the hell did they get Capullo, when he’s only drawn Harvey for about two or three panels with a unique design that hasn’t been used since? Why not have a Big Burn figure designed by Patrick Gleason, the artist who has drawn the sole notable Two-Face appearance in the New 52? Also, what the hell is with the shoes, especially the gold trim? He looks like half an Elvis.

I’m also not a fan of Harvey’s entire hand being scarred either, because if anything other than his face should be scarred, it should just be the palm of his hand from where he reached up to grab his burning face. This isn’t B:TAS.

Which reminds me, I think I’ve reached a point where I don’t like the black and white costume on any other Harvey than the TAS design. At this point, using the black and white seems less stylish and more lazy, like no one is willing to try coming up with new and interesting fashion choices for Harvey.

All in all, I don’t hate this figure, but if I do buy one, I may have to get a second one later to customize. Still, despite my complaints, I’m surprised and happy to see some actual Two-Face merch, because that shit’s just so rare for reasons I don’t understand.

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